Quick report/summary of today’s run. So far it has been a great day today, day started at 4AM, left the house all packed and ready to go at 4:30AM and drove to Cedar Breaks (Lake Georgetown, Georgetown Texas). I have to say I thought it was going to be colder at the start but it wasn’t, took me almost 30 mins to get there but at 4:59AM I was ready to go and so I did.

Ran from Cedar Breaks to Tejas Park (where I met a good friend of mine this will be important later :). Used my fenix light and at some point had to stop and replace the batteries but the batteries I replaced were apparently not new…note to self: check battery power before using them. Before I got to Tejas the trail was pretty easy and so I shutdown my lamp and let the moon be my light, instant awesomeness.

Met Jorge at Tejas and ran the remaining 15 miles with him. At some point before we got to Russell park I almost ran off the trail, pretty funny I must add. From Russell to Jim Hogg my right calf decided to be a pain in the rear end and would stay this way for the remainder of the run.

A few yards before making it to Jim Hogg we had to pull off the trail because there was a fallen tree, seeing the effects of the draught on the park has not been a good experience, that plus the low water level in the lake makes you wonder if we ever going to get enough rain to fill the lake up again.

Jim Hogg to Overlook seemed to take forever, we were running slower at this point and my calf was screaming “bloody hell when is this going to end?”. There’s reference point that one uses to figure out when you made it to the end of overlook, a water well that always seems to take forever to get to, but at some point we passed it and we knew we were only a few miles from the end of our trail run.

From overlook we took the dam back to Cedar Breaks which stretches about a mile but I only made it to little less than three quarters of it. I stopped running at 26.2 miles and walked the rest to Cedar Breaks.

Want to thank Jorge for great company and helping me finish those last miles.

If you are interested in navigating through the Goodwater Loop Trail, here’s the GPS map that shows turn by turn and then some. All in all it was better than expected now is time to go get some trigger point.

“Scarred by trails” – J