You can tell your weekend will go by fast when you are preparing for it as if it were a long trip. We started off the weekend spending time with friends which means good food and good company. Saturday started off by me shutting down my alarm at 5:30AM, only to then, be awakened by my back-up alarm at 5:40…oops time to run. Off I went to meet Jorge and Ron for a 15 milerun at Barton Creek, we ran out and back to the hill of life, weather was near perfect the only thing that was missing from it, was a jump in the pool after we finished our run, but I had to be back at home 10 AM and so we left.

I had to be back at home to make it on time to Jorge’s friend birthday party in Taylor, which was a mere 20 minute drive to Howard Theatre, where they had rented an auditorium to play Star Wars IV a New Hope; needless to say the kids were going crazy with Star Wars lingo like some comic-con conference :), but like every 7-year-old, the excitement only lasts a short amount of time, in this case, the moment lasted enough to see Darth Vader destroy Alderaan which is more than I would have expected.

We drove back after the movie to karate tournament where Jorge whooped some butt and got first place, he was happy and so were we.

My little warrior and future pacer :)

My little warrior

Sunday started off with quick breakfast to Whataburger before we did a short road trip to Sea World where we skipped lines, enjoyed some first time 65mph video shooting at Eel Steel, and enjoyed the cooler and better than 2 months ago weather. Our weekend ended on a high note with great food: Taco Tote.