Last year I said I would do the 2012 100k at Bandera, rewind to 2011, the year I started doing trail races and one can say I was immediately hooked and slowly building up to the 100k. My poorly designed training schedule led to what felt like a never-ending injury training schedule. I did finish 2 30kms, 1 60km and 1 50km which sure got me thinking how I could top that this year 🙂

Between Wild Hare and this year I had been on and off, somewhere in between I purchased a pair of inov8 f-lite’s, awesome shoe if it weren’t for a manufacturing defect, which led me to shut it down almost completely the last 2 and half weeks before Bandera.

Since I couldn’t do the 100k and was surely not trained to run the 50k, I signed up for the 25k and thought I should just get a preview of what I’ll be doing next year times 4, plus I would get to break in the inov8 replacement: The Altra Lone Peaks. I was aiming for a 3 hr finish and I came pretty close. The course is rugged but for me the hardest part were the hills. With the little training I’ve had in the last 2 and a half weeks it was to be expected that I was going to be huffing and puffing on the hills. The course felt like this: little hill, big hill, some running, big hill, repeat…

Since I knew I couldn’t go fast at least I tried to make it up going down hill (well most of them). Enter the superb traction of the Lone Peaks and next thing I know I’m stopped right behind a guy going down hill at a not so fast pace, don’t think I would have been able to do that in the MT101’s. Kept moving for the most part, the only time I did stop was to take pictures, like I said, I was there to enjoy the beautiful Texas hill country and so I did.

I finished in 3:06 official time which is pretty close to my predicted 3 hr, garmin said it was 3:00:14 running time so there you go, I’m pretty certain I could do it in 2:30 given I go healthy in to the race and train before it 🙂 The 100k is going to be loads of fun next year, but first I will take a stab at a 50 miler this year, still haven’t decided which but it will most likely be Hells Hills or Palo Duro.

Altra's Lone PeakThe Bandera 25k course profile and map can be found here. Over the next week or so I’ll have an early review for the Altra’s, how my schedule is going to be different this year and what I need to work on.

Here’s a good preview of what the course has to offer: rocks, rocks and more rocks.

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