Lately I have been running pretty well and by that I mean consistent running, less walking if at all, and a lot of patience. But today was not meant to be, I woke up looking forward to running 30km (more on this later), my legs decided they didn’t want to run today. Paid the price for trying to force them 🙂 In short, I finished 20.55 miles in 4:19:46, had a rough day from the start and it only got worse until the finish line that is. Detailed report follows along with lessons learned.

First loop

Realizing that the course was .7 of a mile longer per loop was really annoying, especially because it wasn’t announced (and if it was, it is still annoying), people say more bang for my buck I say poor planning. First miles felt sluggish so kept trying to wake my legs up but they just did not cooperate. Personally I think the LOOP was harder because the hills were steeper, during the downhill section (sometime after 4 miles, haven’t looked at garmin yet), water was running in one of the many boulders and that’s where I took my first fall. Given that my legs had a different plan today, I was dragging my feet most of the 20.55 miles and thus had close to zero response, I slipped while trying to find the way on the trail but it was the only time I had any reaction time to land on my hands. Rest of this loop was pretty uneventful, had the chance to pick up the pace for the remainder of he loop and finished better than how I started.

Second loop

My footing was lower than usual (tried picking up my feet but it just wasn’t there) and thus led to 2 falls this loop that left me annoyed, angry, and wanting to just be done.The first fall happened while heading up hill and stepping with the wrong foot and doing what I like to describe as a rollover, quite frightening I may add, hit my shoulder on the way down and really thought I was going to injure it. Got up and kept going, a few miles later at the top of the hill where we were running on rugged granite outcroppings, clipped one of the outcrops and there I went again. At this point I was cursing but kept moving forward. One of the things I disliked about the course, was its lack of appropriate signs, apparently course marking was bad last year (at the trail series and El Sendero), I still thought there was room for improvement this year; there were some sections were you had to stop and look around for signs, I know it wasn’t just me, because more than 1 time, other folks in front of me, either missed the turn or blatantly stopped. Given that Rogue had now done at least 3 races here I expect a decent course marking.

Third loop

When I started this loop I had one goal and it was to not fall. At this point my moral was pretty low so I didn’t run as much so tried to power hike a lot of the hills but I had no oomph left to go fast down hill, a real shame because there were some good sections where I could have made up for the time loss. The hardest part of this loop was having to walk, I had been trying not to walk on training runs for this very reason, walking can be good when done for a purpose, but forced walking is less than fun.

Lessons learned:

Other than running out of water before the last aid station, my hydration worked pretty well today. I got around to testing the s-caps and felt pretty good overall.

Hopefully this is a less than common event, but if my legs decide to not cooperate again need to figure out what’s causing it. My nutrition has been better lately, lots of water, fruit and vegetables. The only thing that comes to mind is that I didn’t do consistent rolling this week. Only the next race will tell.

To finish on a positive note, the best thing about finishing a race is spending time with the family afterwards, there’s something calming and soothing about it. Looking forward to racing again, especially to running a night race.